Ep. 44 Edibles

April 6, 2017

Sloss has returned from his weed induced coma and tells some tales about edibles including the story he loast confidence in last week when he was high as petrol prices. We're joined by global legend Nick "The Crusher" Cody in his residence in Melbourne. 


Ep. 43 Moist Moist Moist…

April 3, 2017

Cream eats an edible (canibis sweet) and is too high to text but still records a podcast with hungover Muggins and their good buddy Carey Marx. They discus playing risk, living with muggins, kissing a bloke like a gentleman and all things moist. 


Ep. 42 Heimlichs and High Fives

March 31, 2017

Seeing as we left you hanging for 2 weeks we thought a bonus episode would tickle your biscuit. Muggins saved Creams life in a heroic act of valour and they tell possibly the grossest story in the muggins back catalogue. 


Ep 41 Muggins and Cream Reunited

March 30, 2017

TWO HOUR REUNION SPECIAL After 9 weeks apart and a brief two week break from the podcast while Kai was in Thailand meeting his wife and Sloss still couldn't find any friends, the boys finally reunite in Melbourne and discuss Kai's recent marriage proposal.


Cream is back! Ft. Cru$her

March 16, 2017

Holy mother of God. Me, Cream, may have succesfully recorded, editted and uploaded an episode all by myself. Muggins is now obselete. Long live co-host Sir Mickolas Cody. We discuss Vegas, Muggins fitness and Crushers upbringing. Enjoy!


Ep. 39 Muggins is Cranky

March 13, 2017

As in the prophecy by Andrew "K2L" Stanley early in the Australia trip, Muggins' happiness is beginning to run out as he offloads a handful of his recent trivial gripes. Cream is still friendless, this time in Sydney and struggling to fill a pair of Muggins sized shoes. 


Ep. 38 Kissgate 2017

March 9, 2017

Andrew Stanley is back opposite Muggins in the Cream seat after being thrown under the preverbial bus by Muggins and Abandosam with his actions last week kissing people willy nilly. The hilarity descends into a high brow book review and climbs back out with some horrendous 2 girls 1 cup chat. And the rest is kisstory. 


Ep. 37 Abandosam

March 6, 2017

Muggins plays host to special guest and one half of freestyle hiphop phenomenon Abandoman, Mr Sam "Abandosam" Wilson. The charming blighter gets straight into the spirit of the podcast with sotries, tangents, funnies and all round good vibrations. Oh. They also throw Andrew Stanley (our previous co-pilot) under the bus for his 'anakisstic' actions on Wednesday night. 


Ep 36 Cru$her and ¢ream

March 4, 2017

Flying in from his lonely friendless excursion to New York, Cream has arrived in Sydney Australia where the infamous Nick "Cru$her" Cody has joined him for margaritas and a podcast. With both Muggins currently in Adelaide meaning they are both in Australia, their roads will realign in 3 more weeks for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, til then strap in for some fantastic guests! 


Ep. 35 AFC Sunburnland

February 27, 2017

Geordie Muggins has accidentilly sunburned himself into sunderland colours to the joy of guest Andrew Stanley. Recorded in Adelaide they discuss upsetting Cream from across the globe and accidentally wrecking hippies.