Ep. 2.1 REBOOT

September 25, 2017

Piss and dead frogs everwhere. The 2017 Tour has just started so it's only right that the Podcast relaunched with it. With a lot to get you up to speed on Muggins and Cream tell some of their most shameful stories from the missing months. Gareth Waugh AKA G-Tip joins the party for our reboot special! 


Ep. 55 Your Dad’s Muntered

July 3, 2017

Finally Muggins and Cream pull out of their Glastonbury come down and create a podcast to debrief what the fuck just happened, as it turns out, Cream was muntered. Lots of talk of self felating and possibly the final regular muggle corner before a pre fringe hiatus. With some top notch Dad jokes to wrap it up.


Ep. 54 Creams Can Come True

June 15, 2017

Muggins in Cream are both in Edinburgh preparing for their Edinburgh previews and took a short break from their writting to return to the podcast after a short while on seperate roads. They try to work out if Kai is old or poor (probably both) when he reminisces about his black and white TV. After a short spliff break both of their dreams come true. 


Ep. 53 Steelcast

June 5, 2017

High from London Muggins is joined by millenial poster boy Elliot Steel, they discuss intergrating emojis into the English language and other important topics. Note: While you're enjoying the dad jokes bear in mind that Elliot's dad is famous man Mark Steel. 


Ep. 52 Best Muggle

May 28, 2017

Muggins and Cream briefly reunite as they both cross paths in London. Daniel tries to throw Kai under the bus with mugglery surrounding the wedding but Kai has an ace in the hole to out Daniel as the muggle of all muggles! 


Ep. 51 Cream and G-Tip

May 18, 2017

Cream (Sloss) is back with G-Tip (Waugh) to discuss Gareths early rap career. I'm not kidding. I honestly can't rememeber anything else that happened in the podcast.


Ep. 50 Cuck-a-doodle Waugh

May 10, 2017

Cream is back with Garf to talk about Creams newfound Mugglery and sobriety (temporary, don't worry), Garf being third wheeled and other such things. Enjoy.


Ep. 49 Tommy Two Sniffs

May 3, 2017

Muggins is in his childhood home with the Cream replacement service of Tom Houghton joining the podcast. Mid Punch-Drunk run they tell tales of their very different school days and steam roller over some Muggles for good measure. They lived. They Laughed. They Loved. 


Ep. 48 Bar Fly

April 21, 2017

Abandosam, Sam Wilson joins Muggins and Cream in throwing Kissy Long Pockets Andrew Stanley under another bus for his round dodging. It's the closing weekend of the Melbourne Festival so they recap some of their shenanigans before the horrific slaughter of some more sorry muggles. 


Ep. 47 Big Muggins in Little China Town

April 19, 2017

Recorded in Muggins' gaff in China Town of Melbourne, Cream has been a poorly duck and Muggins has had a heavy Bank Holiday, the two catch up on all of their shenanigans and while they're at it, throw kissy two lips under the bus for his bad bar habbits.