Ep. 2.46 Aftermath

July 10, 2018

Both broken shells of men Muggins and Cream try to recount the carnage of the last 7 days which included the whirlwind surprise Stag Do in Spain where they almost drank themselves to oblivion. 


100th Episode: Muggins and Cream

June 25, 2018

THE REAL 100th EPISODE. We've deleted the false flag that was previously listed as the 100th episode and replaced it with this one, Muggins and Cream have re-uniredreunited with this bumper episode which has everything from rinsing Matty to rinsing Elliot and everything in between. An extended podcast in which we get increasingly more drunk as it goes on until we eventually confess our love for eachother. Creepy. Thanks for sticking with us this far! 


Ep. 2.44 Deckchair

June 16, 2018

Muggins and Cream joined by regular guest "G-Tip" Gareth Waugh and first time guest Micky "Deckchair" Bartlett in the midst of a World Cup and fun-times weekend in Edinburgh. Sticking it to those muggles. 


Ep. 2.43 THC Calpol

June 14, 2018

After some accidental time off due to sheer neglect Muggins and Cream are back together united by weed extract syrup, it starts of a regular chit chat then the weed kicks in and they start hypothetically domesticating wild animals and nuking the moon. It's good shit. 


Ep. 2.42 Four Guys, Two Mics

May 19, 2018

An Englishman, an Irishman, a Scotsman and Daniel. After a work in progress show in Edinburgh practicing fringe material Ryan Cullen and Mark Nelson join Muggins and Cream in a late night drunk-cast recorded several hours and several pints after the previeous "Eugene" Podcast. 


Ep. 2.41 Eugene

May 15, 2018

The reunion of Muggins and Cream after several months apart is an eventful one with (uncle Snunky) Ryan Cullen joining the party with some unparallelled stories of the mad antics from his father and soon to be cult hero (villain) Eugenis-Pacelli. 


Ep. 2.40 Not Safe For Anything

May 9, 2018

A podcast crossover. Dave Longley brings his own brand of anything goes to an already brakes off poddy with Rich Wilson fueling the flames of savagery. A Not Safe For Work, Not Safe For Play, Not Safe For Anything, homo-erotic Podcast that's fun for all of the family. Enjoy! 


Ep. 2.39 Homecoming

May 2, 2018

Daniel Sloss is finally back from his 3 month trip to Australia and America providing this podcast from sunny Scotland with old chum Gareth "G-Tip" Waugh who has 4 days left of his day job before joining the ranks as a professional joke slinging comedian. 


Ep. 2.38 Anything but Muay Thai

April 26, 2018

After strict instruction from Natalie and a handful of tweets, Muggins and Milk make a special effort not to talk about Muat Thai or any of their common intersts that might not be shared by the beloved listeners. So they discuss fashion and religeon and other things they're not particularly into. 


Ep. 2.37 Marathon Man

April 23, 2018

After showing eachother their pubes and discussing grooming techniques, Muggins tells Milk about the suspicions revolving around the legitimacy of his friends London Marathon success in a CSI style break down of events.