Ep. 2.8 Sloss Express Return Ticket

October 18, 2017

Prague and Vienna brought the weed, the latter being that of the Sloss Express which sent the boys on a journey before they were suddenly faced with a situation they were too high to deal with. Newphamisms also return in this episode recorded from Bratislava.


Ep. 2.7 Both Best Men

October 15, 2017

Muggins and Cream are Europe bound for part 2 of the tour so used their Sunday off to get drunk. Matty joins the podcast to duke it out with Cream over who is the best Best man but ends up being a victim of overshare as they discuss conquests from a previous life. 


Ep. 2.6 Knocky Door Ginger

October 12, 2017

Thursday morning podcast on a Thursday, childishness caused the podcast to be taken down but we are back on track and podding out of Leeds, discussing the wonderful nude portrait Jean's mam made for muggins. You may also get your horoscopes read out, it's not looking great!


Ep. 2.5 Domestic

October 11, 2017

Monday morning podcast on a Tuesday night. Finally raising their heads after Saturday night's drink off with a late podcast. Cream finally comes out of his resting huff to find out Muggins thought he'd been mad at him for something. Muggles, Dads and True Lies.


Ep. 2.4 LINDA!!

October 4, 2017

Muggins gets refused from the gym for being so hench while Cream gets friendzoned, or so the story is told. They visit Linda who gets up to her old tricks. The pair also recall how they each remember meeting eachother in a reboot of the old "Origins" game. Enjoy! 


Ep. 2.3 AirOAP

October 1, 2017

Muggins and Cream accidentally lodge with two lovely pensioners in Inverness on the Scottish leg of the tour. In this episode they revisit the passive aggressive, remarkably cathartic game "I love you, but..." sharing their gripes about one another. 


Ep. 2.2 Drooth or False

September 27, 2017

Muggins and Cream solve issues that don't affect them with equal parts arrogance and ignorance like the toilet gender allocation. Muggles and Dads get it as usual with the added game of Truth or Lie where we each tell three stories which any could be true or false and the other has to guess which ring true. 


Ep. 2.1 REBOOT

September 25, 2017

Piss and dead frogs everwhere. The 2017 Tour has just started so it's only right that the Podcast relaunched with it. With a lot to get you up to speed on Muggins and Cream tell some of their most shameful stories from the missing months. Gareth Waugh AKA G-Tip joins the party for our reboot special! 


Ep. 55 Your Dad’s Muntered

July 3, 2017

Finally Muggins and Cream pull out of their Glastonbury come down and create a podcast to debrief what the fuck just happened, as it turns out, Cream was muntered. Lots of talk of self felating and possibly the final regular muggle corner before a pre fringe hiatus. With some top notch Dad jokes to wrap it up.


Ep. 54 Creams Can Come True

June 15, 2017

Muggins in Cream are both in Edinburgh preparing for their Edinburgh previews and took a short break from their writting to return to the podcast after a short while on seperate roads. They try to work out if Kai is old or poor (probably both) when he reminisces about his black and white TV. After a short spliff break both of their dreams come true.